5 Benefits Static guards provide on gate duty

Is your gated community making use of an actual physical security presence? If not, your community may be missing an important component of safety and even marketing appeal. To help you understand whether a static guard or live security services are a feature you should add, here are a few reasons to go above and beyond just an automated gate.

1. Security Officers Control Access

Automatic gates are a classic example of offering “the appearance of security” but they can have many flaws. Tailgating is one of the most common violations of gate security, and one that often causes unnecessary property damage. In addition, misuse of gates and access control panels can often damages the equipment itself. And you may have little control over an unwanted pedestrian accessing your site over gates and between vehicles.

A static guard at the gate can help eliminate all these problems. Simply having a professional security service around encourages – and sometimes requires – that everyone follows the rules. Resulting in better overall coverage of the gate.

2. Night & Mobile Patrols

Solid Security cameras and large gates can only do so much, particularly at night. Intruders, loiterers, emergencies, even wandering wildlife can go undetected while residents sleep and cameras are dark. Using seemingly random security patrols during these hours provides assurances that night security is often lacking. In addition to creating a visible presence, security officers also check problem points ensuring all access points are covered and equipment maintained.

3. Security Officers Help With Emergencies

When you hire security personnel, you don’t just get someone for the aftermath of a crime. You also get an individual specifically trained to respond to a variety of emergencies onsite. Our Officers have experience with things like directing the fire brigade, medical emergencies, interpersonal conflicts, car accidents, and more.

A bustling community can experience any of these incidents at any time, and homeowners may have not have the knowledge or experience to be helpful. Security officers on the site can direct traffic, notify emergency responders, help perform first aid, manage crowd control, create quick access for emergency vehicles entering through gates, and take note of important details for police, fire crews and insurance purposes.

4. Security Officers makes Homeowners Feel Exclusive

A gated community is valued for its exclusive access. In some instances, this can raise property value. This doesn’t apply to the functions of a static security guard but rather the assuring presence for homeowners and their visitors – feelings of being special and being better looked after than their neighboring gated communities. The idea that your homeowners have amenities that others do not attracts them to want to live in your community.

5. Security Officers Educate Others

Having a security presence within your community allows homeowners to better understand how to deal and manage frustrations within the property. The presence of professional security staff alone encourages everyone to take security a little more seriously. A good security service is also always on the lookout for ways to improve safety for all & will always create accurate after incident reports.

For example, security officers may educate the community on the latest safety topics or provide reminders to residents.  A friendly officer may remind homeowners to close gates behind them or prompt cars to drive safely. Trained officers know how to spot potential weak points in landscaping, camera placement, and even building design.

Want to know more about how live security services can boost your gated community’s safety? Start by meeting with an experienced industry professional in your area. ISG security company London can provide a variety of security services for gated communities of all types. Call today to make an appointment to learn how we can help your community

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November 11, 2021

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