Why you may need Corporate Security?

As cities across the United Kingdom slowly open and get busier, the danger of criminals targeting your business will no doubt increase. this can be very true for the country’s capital and the biggest city within the UK, London.

Up against one of the very worst crime rates within the UK, many London businesses need the correct security service to keep their business, people and assets safe from criminals.
With a number of the world’s premier office buildings, hotels and attractions, many businesses in London will have the benefits of a security solution that brings added value. This makes corporate security the perfect choice for any professional business. So, if you’re considering a corporate security services in London, then this guide is certainly for you.

What Is Corporate Security?

Corporate security offers specialized services to a variety of business sectors such as offices and hotels. Different areas of security require different skills sets. Whilst all require a full SIA licensed, corporate security can involve additional skills, like concierge service, knowledge of reception duties. And customer service experience,
This ultimately ensures that your building has experienced on-site security, also because the additional capabilities and skills you would like to run knowledgeable and company environment.
By pairing security solutions with formal office skills, corporate security can prove to be a cost-effective solution for your business, delivering maximum value for money on both security and front-of-house duties.

Benefits of Corporate Security: 

  1. Provide Great Customer Service

    Corporate security officers are well-versed in customer service skills and can interact in a very professional environment.  Providing professional and corporate front-of-house etiquette with an additional level courteous service to any visitors and customers.

  2. Monitor Access to Your Building

    Whether you require security for an office, hotel, or other corporate settings, you’ll without a doubt want to observe those that enter your building, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access. Corporate security officers can monitor your reception or building entrance, overseeing everyone that enters your business and checking them in or out using the provided CAS (Computer Aided System).

  3. Create an excellent First Impression

    Doubling as both a security and a FOH team Every interaction counts, so you need simple articulated individuals on your team. Corporate security officers have the training and skill needed to supply an expert service- they will also be provided their own uniform or blend in with the remainder of your staff.

  4. Offer Additional Front of House Duties

    Your front-of-house areas are often a busy place, checking visitors in and out, answering phone calls and managing customer enquiries. after you hire standard static security, you’ll most likely request officers with additional training in front-of-house duties, like answering telephones and coping with visitors and clients.

  5. Greet Customers and Visitors

Hiring corporate security ensures that there’s always someone available to fulfil the needs of and greet your visitors. Indeed, a security officer guarding your reception or entrance area will often be the primary person(s) your customers see. Hiring corporate security will ensure there’s always a friendly and helpful security presence on your site.

Protect your London Businesses against Crime

Corporate security can help provide protection across a variety of sectors and security needs, including:

Return to the Office

With more people heading back to the office, ensuring you have got the correct level of security to guard your staff, visitors and assets is essential; corporate security is a good spot to begin. Having a powerful security presence in your office reception ensures that your staff and visitors are safeguarded against crime.

Your building is no doubt a busy place, with employees, clients and guests coming and going. Corporate security can make sure that only authorized persons have access to your office which any visitors are checked in and out. If a security incident does occur on your property, you’ll always have professionals standing by to handle things and make sure that your employees and guests are never at risk.

Corporate security officers may perform extra reception duties, answering and transferring phone calls, handling customer enquires and checking clients in and out either manually or by issuing key cards. This provides an additional value service to your company, ensuring your security officers also can perform additional services to assist run your business and office reception.

Safeguarding Hotels

As a part of a drive to bring up tourism across London, the city’s mayor, Sadiq Kahn, launched the Let’s Do London campaign. With more and more tourists being encouraged to go to town, many hotels are experiencing an uptake in guests. Hotels may have to think about their security requirements and hire additional staff to safeguard their guests.

Having professional corporate security available ensures that your guests and their belongings are shielded from criminals. Security officers will make sure that only guests and their visitors can enter the hotel, preventing any potential criminals from gaining access to the building. If a security incident or emergency does occur at your hotel, you’ll rest assured that the professionals can step in and be sure of everything on your behalf, diffusing situations with rowdy guests or intruders before they will escalate.

If you’re trying to find security service with dual-purpose capabilities, then you’ll also request security officers with additional training like concierge and reception skills. this may enable your SIA licensed staff to help with duties like answering the phones and checking in guests.

Protecting Airports

As a tourist and business hotspot, London has no shortage of airports. Indeed, there are 6 major airports within the city alone: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City and South end. As more and more people start to travel, both domestic and international, airports will no doubt find themselves increasingly busy. Protecting passengers and airport staff will remain a top priority for London airports.

Airports have an endless flow of individuals coming in and out and remain a high-risk security area. Alongside your airport security, corporate security officers can help to watch for any suspicious activities, especially around entrances and other specified areas to make sure maximum security is assured.
Managing crowds effectively is important to making sure a continues flow of individuals are able to navigate the airport. Everyone knows that travelling, regardless of how far, may be stressful, especially if an unwanted situation arises. Delays can cause angry and unsatisfied customers, so better to organize for the worst and hire airport security that may help prevent congestion both inside and outdoors the airport. Corporate security officers also can help to diffuse any situations before they escalate.

Extra Eyes for Attractions

London boasts several attractions within the UK, with everything from museums and art galleries to theatres and historical buildings, there’s something for everybody to try and do during this city. With such a lot of visitors, however, these attractions also can be extremely busy places, offering the right opportunity for criminals, like pickpockets, to strike. Ensuring you’ve got the proper security presence at these attractions is completely vital; especially during busy times and with COVID-19.
Corporate security guards can provide access control at popular attractions, helping to manage crowds and admit visitors, providing a useful service as checking tickets to confirm only authorized persons have access to your attraction. they’ll also do bag checks on visitors to make sure no forbidden objects are brought into the building which all visitors and staff are protected.
As many London attractions still have COVID-19 measures in place, corporate security officers may also make sure that masks and social distancing is followed as per your attraction policy. they will also make sure that crowds are properly controlled which your attraction never exceeds capacity and becomes unsafe. Bottom of Form.

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December 22, 2021

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