5 Common Misconceptions about security guards

Common Misconceptions

There are several stereotypes about security guards that we encounter time and time again. Often these stereotypes stem from famous Movies or TV shows, sometimes they are the result of a one-time story in the news, but the most common misconceptions come from a general lack of knowledge.

Often people think that the job of a security guard is boring, doesn’t require little to no training, and doesn’t entail actual responsibility. The truth is the opposite, Security guards often play an essential role in ensuring the safety of the people and properties they protect. Their work is extremely important and requires a diverse range of qualifications and interpersonal skills.

We decided to myth bust some of the most frequent stereotypes about security guards we come across to help you better understand the characteristics of their job.

Security guards don’t need any training

The first and most often repeated misconception is one claiming that “security guards don’t require any training” or “anyone can work as one” In reality security guards are highly trained in various areas, managing physical fitness, legal regulations and policies, to emergency procedures or problem-solving techniques.

Security guards must know how to act in various situations and how to solve a wide variety of issues. They must constantly anticipate possible scenarios, choosing the right response depending on the situation. It’s also important for a security guard to always stay alert and vigilant, in order to learn what are the potential risks and what should draw their attention in different sites.

It’s worth mentioning that every security guard receives some form of standard training. However people often overlook the direct skills and qualifications specific to their workplace. That’s because their duties can vary heavily depending on the environment they are working in such an office, warehouse or construction site.

Nowadays, training related to digital devices plays an important part as well. Security guards are experienced in handling high-tech security systems such as alarms, access control gear, or screening devices and can utilise these technologies to create accurate and reliable after incident reports.

Security guards should be muscular and big

Contrary to the common myth, security guards don’t always have to look like professional strongman Eddie Hall. Indeed, their physical fitness is always valuable quality. However, it doesn’t mean their muscles on show in a threatening manner. The truth is, a well-built guard can surely deter criminals, but other skills and qualities are more important and can serve equally well in a dangerous situation where de-escalation and prevention of property damage is a priority.

Observational skills, Such as the ability to stay focused and alert, or good interpersonal communication skills help security guards in their main tasks, preventing & de-escalating conflicts.

Additionally, sometimes big, muscular guards don’t fit every workplace. Some companies look for discreet security personnel who can blend into the crowd, stay out of sight, and not attract attention. It’s especially important for businesses from the corporate environment to have a security guard that is well spoken and can articulate themselves to a high standard.

So, keep this in mind if you want to be a security guard but fear your physical stature might limit you. You shouldn’t worry about your looks, instead target the field of security you want to specialize in as training and experience are far more important and valuable.

A woman cannot be a security guard

Without a doubt, the security guard’s industry is male dominated.  Most People using our services often assume a male security guard will be provided, often it is not a preference but simply an assumption. But that doesn’t mean there are no women in this business, As mentioned before… skills, training, interpersonal skills, and experience are the essential qualities of a good security guard. These skills can be possessed by any gender.

Currently, we’ve observed a visible trend of hiring women as security guards. On the one hand, it’s for the diversity quotas, but on the other hand, it’s because women bring a set of valuable characteristics into the industry. Women can be very empathetic, with strong communication skills. It’s also an advantage that women may not be drawn into a physical conflict as easy as a male on job so together they can make a great team and be even more efficient in preventing issues

It’s too expensive to hire security guards

Many people think that security guard services are a luxury only afforded by the rich, this may be true when it comes to executive services such as close protection guarding however the offer of some security agencies is extensive and can be customized to the needs of each business or individual person. Agencies such as Intelligence Security Company London, are very customer-focused and design their services for every client based on the specifications of a business or a property.

Often the cost of the security service will pay for itself in after incident reports and insurance claims. The cost doesn’t have to be high, and it’s lower than the loss caused by burglaries, thefts, or vandalism. So, we think and have proven time and time again that it’s worth investing money in your own safety and, in consequence, in your peace of mind.

Communication skills are not useful in security guard’s work

As mentioned in almost all previous points, interpersonal communication skills are essential to the security guard’s job. His or Her responsibilities often include greeting customers, giving information or directing visitors, and cooperating with other employees. Contact with people makes up a considerably large part of their work, so guards are trained to articulate themselves to a company standard and interact with people in an empathetic and polite way.

As you can see, stereotypes can be very misleading. Our Security guards are highly trained professionals who work hard every day to ensure the safety of people and properties. We know their work is very demanding and requires a wide range of skills and qualities. It’s worth remembering that these skills are what makes a person a good security guard, not his or her gender, appearance or physical stature.

Hopefully, we managed to bust the most common myths, and after reading this article, you hopefully understand the purpose and objectives of security guards’ work better!

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November 10, 2021

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