Will technology ever replace the security guard?

Will technology ever replace the security guard?. There is much said about technology’s ability to disrupt, and the discourse usually follows one of two routes. Some argue that technology will improve our personal and professional life by streamlining processes and tackling repetitive chores that require precision. Others will be more concerned, questioning the ethical boundaries and wondering if it may one day replace huge segments of the labor.

It’s not unexpected that these discussions appear to be on the rise. Technology has infiltrated every part of our everyday lives, whether it’s digital assistants in the house or the employment of artificial intelligence at work, there is now a better, ‘smarter’ answer for every activity.

The rapid rate of technological progress, along with a slew of developing dangers and instability in many parts of the world, raises numerous concerns for the security business, particularly manned guarding. Will human guards expire soon due to the changing nature of the globe and regular threats?

CCTV & Technology

These days, there is a vast array of digital equipment available for security operations. The system includes everything from improved CCTV and facial recognition to cloud-based logbooks and digital locks.. With all this technology at their disposal, many business owners have chosen a combination of these instead of manned guards to save money and create a smaller and more efficient operation than a huge security force.

Technology advancements are a big benefit to the security business, and they may frequently provide you with a great toolkit to aid in the execution of security job. A true human intervention, on the other hand, is the only way to truly stop a theft in process. Vandalism is also a possibility with CCTV and locks. Even though CCTV is often effective as a deterrent, nothing beats the presence of a uniformed security guard.

Will “Security Guard” be Automated or Replaced By Robots?

Machine-based methods are becoming more common in a variety of industries. Automated security robots currently exist, although in basic and primitive form and function. While many people assume that automated security guard will ultimately be able to replace human security guard, there is a compelling case to be made that this is just not achievable with today’s technology. Because of the magnitude of security labor that must be done correctly, an android would currently lack the sensitivity, intuition, and judgement of a fully trained security officer.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has come a long way, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Computer systems can analyze data, photos, and information faster and more effectively than humans, but they lack the ability to adapt and change to new, unknown stimuli to the same degree that trained security personnel can.

Taking advantage of technology

To prevent current and future potential risks, the security industry must deliver effective and efficient systems and services. New technology has been and continues to be widely adopted and utilized throughout the security business in its various forms and applications.

Security Company London keeps a close eye on the viability of technology for security, and we rely heavily on tools like our 24-hour control room to help us do our job. Nothing, however, can replace the intuition and abilities of a well-trained and experienced security officer in our opinion.

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December 22, 2021

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