Security industry in London

We all live and try to survive in an ever-increasingly interconnected world. With the infrastructure development, and more and more people both indoors and outdoors, new threats to security seem to emerge almost daily. It is not just the physical security we are talking about but also the cyber warfare and the omnipresent threat of terrorism are two of the most complex challenges to our safety and security in the 21st century. Computerisation, software, and technology plays an ever-participative role in fighting and gauging not only terrorism, but crime in general at all the locations in London, and we may always be keen to find a wise London security services provider.

Many of us are alarmed with personal or physical security whenever security services are talked about, however it may equally be important to realise that we being humans are not quite efficient at sensing many stimuli connected with the security threats. This is where many private security companies have established security services by combining both manguards and watch dogs as an added advantage to ensure the security where many risks might go unnoticed by humans when employed solely in London security services.

Many locations call for a combo security services

At many locations in London, shopping malls, hotels, restaurant, a dog is a wiser companion especially at the entrances where the detection of many materials, narcotics, and weapons gets trickier. At many locations such as entertainment clubs, and showrooms it may surprise many that security and detection dogs and their trained handlers play as vital a role as ever in a myriad issues relating to security, from safeguarding the security of businesses to fighting the scourge of organised crime and terrorism. This has now become a commercial security service in London where trained dog handlers who are security guards as well are trumpeted to offer a premium security services, and the dogs itself are security trained as well to sniff, sense, and identify cocaine, drugs, and people with the questionable persona. As the security service provider and a customer, lets just first consider a security trained dog as the visual deterrent; who is trained not just to simulate a motionless security camera but also to monitor criminals who might try to obscure ordisable such technology. A security dog is a physical presence of considerable stature, and a properly trained security dog and its handler can respond to threats in real time.

Security is a necessity for everyone

The current UK threat level for terrorism is severe in the metropolitans such as London with ominous headlines of cyber security failures fill our newspapers daily pressing on a daily basis the need to have proper security services in place especially if the location is a construction site, then construction security services will remain of paramount significance. As UK nationals, and even a foreigner the need for a secured infrastructure is always there, though we always place an enormous trust in our government, emergency services and security services to prepare adequately for a doomsday scenario.

National or private, security stays on top priority

Security services among both the public and private security services company becomes a matter of consideration where there is a state of national emergency especially where power supplies, phone lines and internet connectivity may be paralysed the steadfast reliability of a security dog and their handler is beyond reproach. During times of uncertainty, tried and tested security methods hold a unique value in protecting assets and the public. It might seem ironic to many where it is stated “dogs as security services provider” yet in the digitalage trained security dogs and their security men as dog handlers are more relevant than ever before.

More than 5000 dogs are trained for security purposes

As we say that “a dog is a man’s best friend”, and if the same dog has been trained as “security dogs”specifically trained with their heightened senses, are able to see, smell and hear a hidden intruder long before even the most perspicacious human. With around 200 million sensitive cells in its nose, a typical security dog’s olfactory system is roughly 40 times more sensitive than that of a human. Security services trained dogs can also taste smells; professionally trained security dogs can detect odours directly from the source or residual scents, as well as odours which persist in an area after the original source has long since disappeared. Tracing a specific scent to its original source, and the ability to distinguish between a variety of odours regardless of strength, are some of the innate advantages of security dogs when employed in the detection of drugs, firearms and explosives. As an estimate it can be stated that approximately more than 5,000 dogs are employed in the security sector to ensure proper security services in diverse industry sectors. Given the current terror threat level in the UK specially London, it is vital for Private Security Companies to be assured that the security dogs and handlers they depend upon adequately meet their desired level of competency.