ISG’s dog handler security guard services are the ultimate deterrent in complicated situations. We are providing quite effective security guard dogs service that help you solve resolve all the security concerns. Our dog handler teams are simply available at very short notice, in some marked or unmarked vehicle.

To add more transparency and value, we tend to include a proper alarm system in addition to the guard dog services that may provide some highest levels of security!

Static security guards for dogs:

The static dog units are considered quite high visual deterrent and they also cut down on the man power required in some static guarding alone.

Our security dogs are well trained and highly professional in article tracking, building multiple searches, finding and locating the handler protection, and making us the matchless team on any kind of assignment.



Detection dogs:

Drug detection

Our highly trained drug detection dogs are most useful for passive and proactive assignments. We tend to provide best drug awareness education demonstrations to different schools and to different vulnerable groups. We also arrange standard CRB checks in order to maintain the efficiency of best drug detection handler.

Explosive detection:

Explosive detection dogs always received the specialist training on some special substances which may build up the exact composition of explosives. Most of these dogs are usually trained to detect the flares.

Our detection dogs also undergo some continuous kind of training that makes sure that their results would be at the highest level, while working discreetly to guarantee the people do not feel intimidated by their presence.

Why ISG’s Dog handling services:

  • Vigilant and professional guards
  • SIA approved security guards
  • Well aware about the first aid tricks
  • Risk lovers and ready to face any kind of situation
  • Good observers, keep sharp on every single activity
  • Offer safety warning and tips

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