CCTV Camera Security in London:

The United Kingdom is a symbolic example of freezing winters and streaky cold weather around the year. Starting mid to fall till the spring upcoming time period, the entire country is marked with the cold wave, snowy and icy freezing cold, and yet the life goes on. With the extreme colds, snow and ice seem all beautiful, however, in a metropolitan city like London, densely populated and enriched with commercial and domestic dwellings, security remains at high risk. Parking lots in London, open parking spaces, deserve to be equipped with CCTV security to ensure safety against espionage while you park your car, and access your car on your way back from work, or shopping on a late evening, for instance.

Some parking areas in London especially the open area pose a real security threat in particular on dark evenings and holiday seasons. Mostly at commercial workplaces in Greater London, the parking lots are quite at a walking distance unless your employer or the shopping mall, for instance, offers a shuttle service, in London, which is not quite much the case in many common cases. There you are in London, and you need foolproof security to reach any parking area or make your way across a treacherously slick parking lot or sidewalk.

Another aspect goes that icy conditions in the winter lead to more accidents in parking lots, leading to injuries and you are left all stranded on your own unless an active team of security in London monitors your presence and the mishaps via a CCTV live security system. Additionally, security cameras can help you identify potential issues before they occur and provide video evidence when an injury does occur on your premises.

Be secured, and keep your liabilities, the very minimum

Whether someone takes a spill in your parking lot or one car slides into another, video surveillance can help identify who is liable in these situations. Accidental falls due to ice, slippery floor, theft, and terrorism, all can result in injuries, and tracking it down to its source can be effectively done using the CCTV surveillance camera systems. To have the access and exit control points under surveillance, CCTV camera security in London can be the best candidate to read number plates and record who is coming in and out. The whole security process this way lets the officials engaged in the security process flawlessly.
It is not just the person or enterprise security in London, the CCTV camera can be purely helpful about.

The same security system can let you monitor constantly the conditions in the parking lot, ensuring that the area is kept clear of built-up snow and that salt is distributed as often as needed. Live monitoring of the camera feed can also allow you to identify potential safety hazards, like when a person stumbles without falling or when vehicles slide across black ice in the parking lot. Your maintenance crew can then address these hazard areas before an incident occurs.

Workers’ compensation fraud prevention

In many countries, cities such as London, worker’s compensation is on the rise, and with 10% workers’ compensation claims paid on fraudulent cases every month, can translate into the rising cost of compensation especially among companies based in London. The authenticity of such claims remains always a question mark and London employers keep suffering from the illegitimate claims this way. Money is a cost at the end of the day and if you have a business in London, where the employees are also London based or coming from Greater London, being a business or employer you must be aware of what it is going to cost if things go wrong from a security point of view. The CCTV monitoring eliminates the room for illegitimate or false claims as the statements of employees can be cross-checked from the CCTV footage.

Protect yours and others lives and valuable belongings

Unfortunately, parking lots in London are a common location of crimes to occur. When temperatures drop, employees are less likely to spend time outdoors during breaks so your work site may be more vulnerable to unwanted crime. From vehicle break-ins to muggings, security cameras can help identify the perpetrator and the victim, providing police with valuable information to help your employees and customers recoup their losses.

Security cameras save you a lot on security costs

Having a security camera-based system in place to monitor both external and internal premises in London, let you save a lot on the man-guards cost in London. Fully functional CCTV security systems in London which covers ideally all the areas and corners of the enterprise eliminate the need to have a load of man-guards on board. With the man-guard monitoring, the live footage capture can identify the mishaps, and the automatic alarming system connects the premises security infrastructure to the London police, who will take care of the rest.

Security camera systems complemented with the alarming, storing and connectivity capabilities with the police authorities, lets you work in peace and keeps your employees safe as well while eliminating the risk of perpetration and false information from the root. With our storage options for security camera footage, you can easily call up and replay video from specific incidents and seamlessly transfer that information to other interested parties, including the police or workers’ compensation case managers. Many CCTV based security systems in London offers motion detecting, infrared, fisheye 360º, and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and cameras with audio recording abilities.